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The Art and Mural Project

The project aims to rehabilitate the AFCI Centre by empowering the user community through art and design.

Project Objectives

  • Create a welcoming, inspiring and playful environment

  • Empower the AFCI and local community

  • Promote art as a means of expression

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This project was initiated by and executed in partnership with design for good.

Phase 01

The Collective Art Workshops

A series of Participatory Design (PD) sessions involving students, teachers and the local community drive the mural's design.

Art workshops organised per age group explore notions challenged by displacement and shape the concept design.

Phase 02

The Collective Mural Design

The mural learns from the students’ art visualising the themes of home, identity and happiness by illustrating an organic and playful landscape of colour.

The changing nature of the landscape aims to visualise the children’s journey and transition to a new identity. Elements associated with the concept of belonging such as housing typologies, flowers, trees, vehicles and play installations populate the multicoloured landscape enhancing a familiar and safe environment.

The mural is designed under the height of 1.2 m to be collectively painted by students of all
ages. The chosen colour palette is gradually monochromatic as practised by the students in
the art workshops.

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