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Designing a true community

Help us make the new centre come to life!

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Since March 2017, we have been using caravans to deliver our classes for the community in Zaatari. However, the current facilities onsite are inadequate, lack sustainability and constitute a difficult teaching environment. In particular, the caravans provide limited space and require regular repair. While the centre serves its purpose, it is not a welcoming environment and does not promote creative expression. 

In 2022, Design-ForGood (DFG) ran the Art and Mural Project at our centre, giving the centre a much-needed makeover and sparking the conversation on how to design a centre that is more than just a place to learn and that truly uplifts the community.

Following on-site needs assessments with the AFCI team and creative workshops with the students, aiming to understand the community's vision, needs and expectations, DFG defined a design brief for the AFCI future centre.

DFG undertook extensive preliminary research and design exploration which led to a second community engagement workshop and design proposals evaluation in February 2023. Design-ForGood presented the work-in-progress design proposals to the AFCI team and local refugee community in Za’atari through a series of participatory design and engagement exercises. Prioritising involvement and engagement of the user community was of primary importance in the design process. This engagement involved the students attending the centre, teachers, staff, parents and community members through drawing, creative exercises and informal interviews. The workshop's activities were designed to be inclusive,  inviting everyone to once again freely express their wishes and ideas for the new centre in the context of the proposed designs. 

Finally, Design-ForGood responded to the results of the engagement and participatory design sessions, refining the proposal for the future AFCI centre based on the community's input. Besides the current educational focus, the new centre will include multi-purpose spaces, open play areas - shaped as a: ‘home-like playful landscape’ inspired by the initial art workshops with the students; as well as, flexibility for growth, for both children and the organisation. The proposed design is completely shaped from natural and locally sourced materials, integrates the surrounding vernacular and takes into consideration the local economy being planned for a participatory building and learning process. 

Take a look at the stunning design below:

Interested in the project?

We are currently looking for funding to make this centre come to life! There are multiple ways you can support us: through donations, volunteering for the construction, providing expertise and many more!

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