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Humanitarian Aid

The war in Syria has caused immense human suffering throughout the last 11 years. Acting for Change International works to support Syrian refugees and displaced people through a number of different humanitarian projects. In February 2022, AfCI opened its new office in Türkiye. Our new team on the ground will provide much needed humanitarian support to 100 families in Syria and 50 families in Türkiye.

To learn more about our work in the affected areas of the Türkiye-Syria earthquake on 06.02.2023, please visit our page on Türkiye.


Ramadan 2022 Fundraiser

In May 2022, we delivered food parcels to refugee families in need in northern Syria. 
Our team on the ground purchased the food on site, prepared the packages and delivered them straight to the families’ houses. Thanks to the contributions to our fundraiser held during Ramdan 2022 and some additional donations, we were able to deliver big bags full of food staples to 39 families. 

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