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Our Mission

At Acting for Change International we firmly believe that all people have the right to decent living conditions and opportunities, and we work to address important gaps in humanitarian and development assistance. Our current focus is on providing literacy training services in the Zaatari Village refugee host-community in Jordan, where Syrian refugees live side-by-side with Jordanians, many of whom are themselves vulnerable and living in poverty. It is estimated that at least 79% of Jordan’s refugee population live outside formal refugee camps, receiving less assistance from established NGOs who tend to work more in the formal camp environment.

Empowering the host community in a holistic way

As a result of both the conflict and gaps in assistance, host-communities in Jordan face significant economic and social pressure. Through supporting both Syrian refugees and
vulnerable Jordanians, our projects promote the social cohesion and peaceful coexistence that is vital for both successful human development and mitigating future conflict.

Providing children and youth with education and opportunity

Children, in particular, have been affected significantly by the conflict and displacement of the Syrian crisis. As a result, our priority is to invest in the training and personal development
of the younger generation who have lacked access to education as a result of the crisis.

Building capacity, to build resilience

At the core of our work is capacity building to provide the community with the ability to overcome the long-term challenges themselves in an independent and sustainable way. We do this through designing our projects on the ground, and in collaboration with beneficiaries and key members of the community. Through operating as such, we contribute in a positive and meaningful way to the long-term prosperity, peace, and security of the community and the host country.

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