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The Building Project

Since March 2017, we have been using caravans to deliver our classes for the community in Zaatari. However, the current facilities onsite are inadequate, lack sustainability and constitute a difficult teaching environment. In particular, the caravans provide limited space and require regular repair. In this environment, classroom management is challenging and it is difficult for the children and trainees to focus and learn.

The aim of the building project is to construct a centre which provides decent conditions for running education and training programmes, has adequate hygiene facilities, disabled access and which provides a space for the host community to benefit from over the long term. Through building a permanent structure, electricity and water can be brought on-site which can allow for new forms of vocational skills training to take place in the future.  The centre will be multi-purpose and capable of serving the needs of a range of Jordanian and displaced beneficiaries in the area of Zaatari Village and Zaatari Refugee Camp.

We are working with experienced architects, engineers and members of the community in order to ensure the building design best serves the needs of the people of Zaatari Village.

This includes a focus on the following areas:

  • Ensuring space is used effectively, and that there is the ability to expand.

  • Developing a building design which is sustainable and energy efficient.

  • Creating an environment which ensures the safety and well-being of everyone at the centre.

The project is currently in the planning and fundraising stages.


In the Autumn of 2018, we purchased the land in order to proceed with the project.

For more information, please email Tom Carmichael at the following address:

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