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The Computer Project

Digital literacy is a key gateway to opportunity, learning and  human development.


Whether its for studying using online educational materials, finding scholarships for further study, accessing information about legal rights, shelter and medical needs, or securing better employment opportunities, the ability to use a computer is a fundamental skill which many vulnerable people are unable to benefit from.

Since the start of July 2018, we have been providing IT classes to Syrian and Jordanian children and young adults, with the support of the Catalyst Foundation for Universal Education. The aim of the classes is to :


  1. Teach the trainees basic IT skills such as using the internet, a word processor and email.

  2. Inform the trainees about how they can implement these skills on a day to day basis, to solve any problems they may face and advance their livelihoods.

We utilise teaching methods based on encouraging self-learning, critical thinking and effective collaboration. Through developing the ability of the trainees to learn autonomously, AFCI provides key skills that they can use for life for the purposes of education, employment, and improving their communities.

Our classes also address key issues such as privacy, internet safety and security in order to equip our students with the tools they need to protect themselves when online.

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